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Proper Maintenance and Care for Dental Veneers

At Gables iSmile and Miami iSmile, we are committed to helping our patients enjoy the long-lasting benefits of their dental veneers. Understanding and implementing proper maintenance and care is essential to ensure your veneers stay in pristine condition.

Here, we share some key tips to help you protect and prolong the life of your dental veneers. For further information, call Gables iSmile at (305) 396-1026. Let us take care of that beautiful smile!

1. Regular Oral Hygiene

Woman Brushing Teeth
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2. Use Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

Daily Oral Health Routine

3. Avoid Hard or Chewy Foods

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4. Avoid Staining Substances

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5. Regular Dental Check-ups

Dental Check Up

6. Prevent Gum Disease

Man in Tooth Pain

7. Use a Night Guard

Invisalign Brace

8. Quit Smoking

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Taking proper care of your dental veneers is vital for their longevity and your ongoing oral health. At Gables iSmile and Miami iSmile, we are here to guide you on every step of your journey to a beautiful smile, including providing personalized advice and support for veneer maintenance.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule a check-up, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. Your radiant, confident smile is our greatest success!

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