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Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re wanting teeth whitening for job prospects, a confidence boost, or simply a top-up on your natural color, state-of-the-art teeth whitening is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Florida

Our teeth undergo a lot of hardship from our modern eating habits, with all the red wine, tea and coffee staining you may subject them to every day. Stained teeth are nothing to be ashamed of, but they are also very easy to fix with our state of the art teeth whitening because it’s the best option for most of our patients. And I know that your teeth whitening procedure in Florida doesn’t stop when you leave our dental’s spa in Coral Gables, Florida.

What to Expect?


Gables iSmile is dedicated to bringing the newest technology in cosmetic dental treatments in Florida. We have a range of treatments that deliver great results while being gentle to patients. We specialize in cosmetic and dentist teeth whitening.

Gables iSmile is a highly qualified professional who is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best customer service and leave our clinic with a perfect smile.

Don’t settle for time-consuming home whitening kits or the promises of whitening toothpaste which leave much to be desired. With a simple one-hour session at our teeth whitening clinic in Florida, you’ll go home beaming, literally, with the satisfaction of having had five-star treatment.


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To help get you informed about the teeth whitening process, as well as discuss your desired results, call us at (305) 901-1441 or book a consultation today to help you to better understand our process, and the realistic gains you can expect to achieve from the laser treatment.

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